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abort / выкинуть, иметь выкидыш, преждевременно родить
abort, miscarry, cast, slip, slink
иметь выкидыш
abort, miscarry
преждевременно родить
терпеть неудачу
fail, miscarry, break down, burst up, suffer a setback, abort
оставаться недоразвитым
carry out or undergo the abortion of (a fetus).
Most trisomy fetuses are spontaneously aborted .
bring to a premature end because of a problem or fault.
the pilot aborted his landing
имя существительное
an act of aborting a flight, space mission, or other enterprise.
there was an abort because of bad weather
The situation was set up to provide conditions that might closely resemble an actual NASA emergency abort landing.
When the gynoecium did not abort , F1 flowers were protogynous with the stigma maturing prior to the anthers.
an abort because of bad weather
The cost of all of this new equipment came to a grand total of $260,000, qualifying our takeoff abort as a Class B mishap.
If an ultrasound reveals that a fetus is female, the woman may abort .
Aside from causing pregnant cows to abort , this would threaten the state's brucellosis-free status, and hence its vital livestock industry.
How often do you have a high-speed abort anyway?
I've wasted almost a year on an abort
The Bill also allows the victims of rape or incest to abort the fetus till 18 weeks.
The contract includes a full-scale reusable system that will provide the capability to test technologies in a launch pad abort situation.