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aborigine / абориген, коренной житель, туземец
имя существительное
aborigine, aboriginal, Abo
коренной житель
aboriginal, aborigine, autochthon
native, aborigine, aboriginal, indigene
имя существительное
a person, animal, or plant that has been in a country or region from earliest times.
Most Taiwanese and aborigines speak both a local language and the national language.
Senator Aidan Ridgeway is the only aborigine in the national parliament.
The Australian Aborigines refer to these decades as the Stolen Generations.
He was an Aborigine , almost unknown then in Australian first-class cricket, and he was alarmingly fast.
There he became active in the One People of Australia League and, reportedly, was the first Aborigine to join the Liberal Party.
In Australia, Aborigines have already had several sets of remains reburied.
At this level I think the Australian Aborigines are correct with their concept of the Dreaming.
The local aborigines had refused to join the expedition declaring the mountains to be the domain of the gods and preferring prison and death to a journey beyond the ‘mists’.
We don't have like Guatemala, big ethnic groups of aborigines , but we do have nearly I would say 20,000 of them, living very isolated and with difficulties, and we work hard for them.
Even today aborigines in the outback habitually go walkabout to experience what they call the ‘songlines’, singing the old songs and tunes and thereby continuing the very essence of creation.
It's in the middle of the Anmatjere region which covers an area of approximately 4.000 kilometres and has a population of around 1,400 of which nearly 80% are aborigines .