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aboriginal / абориген, коренной житель, туземец
имя существительное
aborigine, aboriginal, Abo
коренной житель
aboriginal, aborigine, autochthon
native, aborigine, aboriginal, indigene
имя прилагательное
aboriginal, native, native-born
root, radical, fundamental, aboriginal, drastic, molar
local, spot, topical, regional, indigenous, aboriginal
имя прилагательное
(of human races, animals, and plants) inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists; indigenous.
Around the world, 70 percent of uranium deposits are located on aboriginal land.
имя существительное
an aboriginal inhabitant of a place.
Using the aboriginals ' own oral histories, the developer proved that the site had been designated sacred only within the past 10 years.
In North America alone, there are many aboriginal cultures that no longer know a word of their original languages.
Handley said aboriginal health is not just a federal matter because a large and growing proportion of natives live off-reserve.
Now, the division needs to bring aboriginal perspectives into the entire curriculum, for all its students.
There are seven distinct aboriginal languages, which are grouped into three language families.
However, I note that a leading Canadian authority on aboriginal title stated that one dimension of it is its inalienability.
It still gives the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs authority over aboriginal children's education.
The Paiwan are surrounded by Han Chinese and other aboriginal groups including Rukai and Puyuma.
Around the world, 70 percent of uranium deposits are located on aboriginal land.
The Maya and Garifuna demonstrate the surviving tribal traits of the aboriginal peoples.
As National Aboriginal Day dawns Monday, the statistics for aboriginal youth remain depressing.