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abolish / отменять, упразднять, уничтожать
cancel, revoke, override, abolish, abrogate, repeal
abolish, annul, discontinue, vacate, cancel, annihilate
destroy, kill, consume, demolish, annihilate, abolish
formally put an end to (a system, practice, or institution).
the tax was abolished in 1977
If the council can afford to do this, why not simply abolish the charges and remove the new yellow lines?
When we've finished doing this we will then abolish the entire department.
The grand coalition also agreed to abolish numerous tax benefits for ordinary earners.
The only people who can actually abolish hunting are its practitioners.
Chancellor has said he will abolish hospital accommodation charges for pensioners.
The movements to abolish the trade and emancipate the slaves gathered momentum.
On 21 September the monarchy was abolished in France and a republic was declared.
Originally staged in January 1904, the play is set after the abolishment of serfdom, but well before the Bolshevik Revolution.
The Bad Guys were the European Union, the sexual liberals, the would-be abolishers of the pound and the Bureaucrats.
Indeed, one of the major arguments against abolishing the monarchy is the desire to preserve tradition.