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abnormality / ненормальность, аномалия, неправильность
имя существительное
abnormality, anomaly, abnormity, abnormalcy
anomaly, abnormality, abnormity, abnormalcy
wrong, irregularity, abnormality, anomaly, impropriety, deviance
имя существительное
an abnormal feature, characteristic, or occurrence, typically in a medical context.
a chromosome abnormality
There are other ‘grey areas’ where the legality of abortion for fetal abnormality could be questioned.
The application of estimates of test performance from one population to another depends on the relation between the range of abnormality in the two groups.
miscarriage can be caused by fetal abnormality
One definition of health is the state of an organism functioning normally without disease or abnormality .
Then, of course, there are the late abortions requested on the grounds of foetal abnormality and the prospect of severe handicap.
It is correlated with cuticle abnormality , as described further below.
Questions on mental abnormality are quite common in examinations.
One reason why this is so, might be that our definitions of abnormality are predicated on definitions of normality.
Unexplained knee pain should raise the suspicion of hip abnormality .
And finally, there is the jewel in the crown of this dynasty of abnormality , David's sister, Amy.