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ably / умело, искусно, квалифицированно
skillfully, skilfully, ably, capably, knowingly
skillfully, skilfully, neatly, ably, adeptly, knowingly
skillfully; competently.
Steven has summed up our concerns very ably
forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives ending in -able (such as suitably corresponding to suitable ).
He was ably supported by his partner who was quite happy to play second fiddle, taking 47 balls for his five runs.
Her smile reflected the completeness of her happiness and ably communicated the effect of Robert's kind gesture.
Annabel James deserved credit for a tight bowling display, ably backing up the more experienced Hughes and Jones.
Rathnew full back Mark Coffey had a smashing first half, ably fronted all through by Stephen Byrne.
Jimmy was ably assisted on the day by Tyrone Power, best man, James Walsh, and Stuart Murray.
Be that as it may, I am now ably positioned to inform you that dancing is not necessarily good for the body.
However, the quality of this single is in no doubt and it was ably supported by what was unquestionably, for me, the best video of the year.
Every part in this production was well cast, and each actor plays his or her role ably .
He was ably substituted by chief organiser Kathleen Nerney in the afternoon.
Those four athletes are ably backed up by Rose Tully, Tanya McHale and Olivia Flannery.