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ablution / омовение, промывание, промывка
имя существительное
ablution, lustration
washing, irrigation, rinse, ablution, washout, douche
washing, wash, ablution, sluice
имя существительное
the act of washing oneself (often used for humorously formal effect).
the women performed their ablutions
We are ordered to make ablution before prayer, and also to make sure that our places of prayer are free of contamination and filth.
Interestingly enough, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) also encouraged doing ablution before going to bed.
She would have been down there taking a ceremonial ablution and praying to the river god Hapi, who was also the god of fertility.
During the lunch break I went to the bathroom to perform an ablution for the Zuhar prayers but in the Western style bathroom it was not a very feasible idea.
Most religions practice ritual ablution , or bathing - though only Hinduism by the millions at once.
The daily routine started early in the morning with ablutions followed by a meagre breakfast at eight o'clock then back in the cell until they were served a plateful of dinner at about four o'clock.
He may practice Divine knowledge, meditation, pilgrimages, and ablutions .
Moreover, the several marble basins that were found in the building, and that might have formed part of its furnishings in the last phase and perhaps even in previous phases, could have held water for ritual ablutions .
As I was rounding off my weekly ablutions in the bath today, I reached for the pumice stone to scrub my soles.
So you need not panic if you ingest a little during your morning ablutions .