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ablaze / в огне, в пламени
в огне
ablaze, afire, aflame, in a blaze, alight
в пламени
имя прилагательное
burning, live, fiery, on fire, ardent, ablaze
sparkling, glistening, brilliant, flashing, incandescent, ablaze
excited, agitated, energized, overwrought, thrilled, ablaze
имя прилагательное
burning fiercely.
his clothes were ablaze
The cave was ablaze with light, but Ian couldn't determine its source.
His comment set the internet ablaze with speculation that the entire episode was a hoax.
Several other businesses, including a chemist which was looted and set ablaze , were attacked along nearby streets.
Last Saturday on the dual carriageway I was overtaken by a speeding car all lights ablaze .
All the people in the building were rescued and within a very short time the whole place was utterly ablaze .
Four shops and three small structures were set ablaze .
Two of the vehicles were set ablaze in the attack while the third vehicle managed to escape.
Its wings are ablaze with the passion to be free.
On Friday night 502 vehicles were set ablaze , the highest total for three days, and 206 people were arrested.
Nikolai waited for them in front of the building, whose curved face was ablaze with light.