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abject / жалкий, презренный, униженный
имя прилагательное
pitiful, miserable, pathetic, sorry, wretched, abject
despicable, contemptible, abject, pitiful, paltry, picayune
humiliated, humble, abject, degraded, oppressed, diminished
имя прилагательное
(of a situation or condition) extremely bad, unpleasant, and degrading.
abject poverty
(of a person or their behavior) completely without pride or dignity; self-abasing.
an abject apology
From a position of optimism generated by a highly impressive presentation, potential winners had suddenly become abject losers, all the long hours of campaigning reduced to nothing.
I mean, when I think of Cambodia in the 1970s, I think abject misery, suffering and genocide on a Stalin-like scale.
She stared at him in abject terror before his face registered in her mind and she heaved a great sigh of relief and tried to hold in her tears of fear.
We were shattered by dad's death and my mother [Isla] was especially in a state of abject grief.
The regime controlled every aspect of life and reduced everyone to the level of abject obedience through terror.
After all, there are only two ways to divert the attention of the international community from the more pressing and immediate problems of abject hunger and poverty.
She undoubtedly lost consciousness and when she came round, she was in a state of abject terror and hysteria.
Both episodes were incredibly sad and tinged with abject misery really.
However, this is actually an abject admission of failure.
The abject misery and utter abandon is positively indescribable.