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abhorrence / отвращение, ненависть, омерзение
имя существительное
disgust, aversion, revulsion, distaste, repulsion, abhorrence
hatred, hate, loathing, abhorrence, odium
disgust, abhorrence, abomination, detestation, execration, recoil
имя существительное
a feeling of repulsion; disgusted loathing.
the thought of marrying him filled her with abhorrence
Suddenly she spoke, and he could detect the fear, horror, and absolute abhorrence in her tone of voice.
the thought of marrying him filled her with abhorrence
The reason for his flight has never been adequately explained but Peggy surely gets close when she talks of her father's abhorrence of critics and his manic pursuit of perfection.
Meanwhile, the right-wing demonstrates its abhorrence of defamatory character assassination and smear jobs here.
Despite ever-growing public abhorrence of this most antisocial crime, numbers of drivers caught over the limit are rising.
society's abhorrence of crime
My abhorrence of this particular day registers on two levels.
And what's the deal with management consultants and their abhorrence of footnotes?
A consistent theme in Charles's writings is his belief in human freedom - and his abhorrence for violence and tyranny.
I've never proactively analysed the issue to see what my own stance is, possibly because it won't align with my abhorrence of the death penalty.