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abeyance / состояние неопределенности, отсутствие владельца, временная отмена
имя существительное
состояние неопределенности
abeyance, abeyancy, pendency, hover
отсутствие владельца
abeyance, abeyancy
временная отмена
abeyance, abeyancy
имя существительное
a state of temporary disuse or suspension.
matters were held in abeyance pending further inquiries
The sad thing now is that railways have fallen into abeyance and the motor car's taken over, despite the great efforts of Fischer and people like that.
Organizational rules sometimes fall into abeyance .
But since it is rare in any book aimed at children to see a discussion of economics, let alone imperialism and militarism, that criticism might be held in abeyance .
The poetry press I had run for about twenty years was in abeyance but submissions continued to arrive and one day I got this.
I see that sanity has prevailed and this crazy and unnecessary idea has now been put into abeyance .
A measure that passed Congress and was signed by the executive might still be held in abeyance on constitutional grounds by a court.
The sixteenth-century precedents regarding female rule in England, however, remained in abeyance until Anne's reign.
The issue of whether or not paranormal beliefs can be verified by scientific, empirical research methods is held in abeyance as a secondary concern.
All property rights in the property to which the order relates lie in abeyance .
Although repeated again and again this pledge has fallen into abeyance in the post-colonial era.