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abet / подстрекать, содействовать, поощрять
instigate, incite, encourage, abet, goad, spur
facilitate, contribute, assist, support, further, abet
encourage, promote, foster, stimulate, countenance, abet
encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong, in particular, to commit a crime or other offense.
he was not guilty of murder but was guilty of aiding and abetting others
As a journalist, she is under no written or unwritten rules of restraint to aid or abet a felony.
Under Section 241 of the Criminal Code of Canada, it is an offence to counsel, aide or abet anyone to commit suicide.
It was the beginning of a new phase in which violence was organised and orchestrated with the abetment of the State.
In fact, the concept of abetment seems to play no independent role now.
The Liberals have studiously continued to ignore the idea, abetted unwittingly by Opposition parties obsessed with gazing at their own navels.
They would plead as aiders and abettors and get a lesser sentence.
Police seized computer gear and hundreds of photos, and charged two people with abetting prostitution.
The basic premise is that anyone who opposes the foreign or domestic policies of the government is ipso facto guilty of aiding and abetting the terrorists.
She is abetted in her fraud by a respectable publisher and its public relations arm, taking advantage of the ignorance of her interlocutors and reviewers regarding the most basic facts of the case.
Customarily, I wouldn't report on it, however, I think the Internet will be partially implicated in abetting the crime.