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aberrant / отклоняющийся от нормы, отклоняющийся, заблуждающийся
имя прилагательное
отклоняющийся от нормы
abnormal, deviant, aberrant, erratic
deflecting, aberrant, divergent, digressive, excursive, tangential
mistaken, wrongheaded, aberrant
имя прилагательное
departing from an accepted standard.
Indeed, it was aberrant of him to accept the job and downright silly of the government to appoint him.
Removal of this aberrant chromosome from further calculations makes no change to the inferences drawn.
Governments came to support these societal changes by adding penalties only late in the game to enforce rules against what had already become aberrant behavior.
The frequency of aberrant metaphases in the controls ranged from 0 to 1.9%.
We have noticed that multiple clones carried an aberrant chromosome III that was indistinguishable by size.
The reasons why the pattern is aberrant are not complex.
They were nothing more than the winners of a game we all wanted to play - a game that we knew rewarded certain aberrant tendencies.
When a damaged cell is unable to repair itself, an aberrant cell line, or malignancy, may result.
But some fears are well-founded: fundamentalism has emerged as an aberrant , aggressive phenomenon in all the world's religions.
It's fun tearing apart this delusional woman's aberrant thought processes.
At later periods, extremely aberrant metaphases predominated.