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abecedarian / элементарный, расположенный в алфавитном порядке, азбучный
имя прилагательное
elementary, simple, rudimentary, ultimate, abecedarian, abecedary
расположенный в алфавитном порядке
alphabetical, alphabetic, abecedarian, abecedary
имя существительное
обучающийся грамоте
abecedary, abecedarian
имя прилагательное
arranged alphabetically.
in abecedarian sequence
rudimentary; elementary.
abecedarian technology
имя существительное
a person who is just learning; a novice.
We should be cautious with investigative reports by abecedarians .
The abecedarian constraint was my idea, and we got 12 comics.
He will pause in the development of his present narrative to elucidate this abecedarian technology.
He still felt abecedarian structures would be appropriate, resulting in an album that's once again awash in simplicity.
‘They're arranged in abecedarian order,’ he told me and I found it.
But the poem is mostly static, because the sequencing of lines, despite the abecedarian scheme, feels inadvertently arbitrary.
We should be cautious with investigative reports by abecedarians .