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abduct / похищать, отводить, насильно уводить
abduct, reave, snatch, purloin, carry off, ravish
allot, take, divert, avert, withdraw, abduct
насильно уводить
take (someone) away illegally by force or deception; kidnap.
the millionaire who disappeared may have been abducted
(of a muscle) move (a limb or part) away from the midline of the body or from another part.
The superior rectus and inferior rectus muscles abduct the eye.
In the shoulder girdle, the serratus anterior and pectoralis minor muscles contract to abduct the scapula on the up phase.
Traffickers also kidnap and abduct their victims.
The dorsal interossei abduct the toes from this axis.
A new law took effect last year that makes it illegal to abduct young girls and force them into marriage.
Young men with poor marriage prospects might attempt to abduct a woman and force her into marriage.
The superior rectus and inferior rectus muscles abduct the eye.
A failed attempt to abduct a legislator's son came to light yesterday, sending shock waves though the legislature's staff.
During one such break-in, they find themselves forced to abduct him and take him into the mountains.
Families who want to marry off their daughters without paying a dowry often hire criminals to abduct eligible boys and force them into wedlock, the paper said.
Even if it was a mistake to abduct her children following the trial, the children should not be punished for her mistake.