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abbreviation / аббревиатура, сокращение, аббревиация
имя существительное
abbreviation, reduction, contraction, shortening, shrinking, shrinkage
имя существительное
a shortened form of a word or phrase.
Electronic records also contained significantly more words, abbreviations , and symbols.
Let's not forget that it was exactly this kind of abbreviation that caused all the trouble in the first place.
Postmodern designs have hints of pilasters, friezes and capitals, but only in lego-like abbreviation .
This is not a legally approved abbreviation , and the story has been corrected to reflect that.
Is that abbreviation a true synopsis of the intent of the Amendment?
Dorcia flinched at Dolly's abbreviation of her name.
So from now on I'll refer to the Texas Air National Guard by it's correct abbreviation , TXANG.
Tanacetum vulgare, a herb whose name is supposedly derived by abbreviation from ‘athanasia’, the draught which gave Ganymede immortality.
That's a particularly dour abbreviation - Normal Operating Procedure - but I don't claim to have invented that one.
I think it is you who suffers some abbreviation of time on this timetable.
What are the consequences of that abbreviation of this story on the democratic process?