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abbreviated / сокращенный, укороченный
имя прилагательное
abbreviated, shortcut, contracted, concise, clipped, nick
shortened, abbreviated, shortcut
имя прилагательное
shortened; cut short.
an abbreviated version of the earlier work
shorten (a word, phrase, or text).
the business of artists and repertory, commonly abbreviated to A&R
Three of the seven items in each subscale were chosen for the present abbreviated form.
The young officers, who carry handguns, must complete an abbreviated stint at the Cape May County Police Academy.
For our purposes, the decibel (usually abbreviated to dB) is a measure of loudness.
The name was coined in the twentieth century from the Greek mol, which is an abbreviated form of the word molecule.
Miller returned to battalion headquarters to conduct an abbreviated military decisionmaking process.
Today, SMS text messaging is language at its most abbreviated .
In combat, services are frequently conducted in small groups with abbreviated orders of worship.
Barrow crews landed only five whales in the abbreviated 2000 season.
Known yeast gene orthologues are listed in parentheses following abbreviated enzyme designations.
Each piece of software is described in an abbreviated prose paragraph.