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abbreviate / сокращать, использовать сокращения, урезать
cut, reduce, shrink, abbreviate, contract, prune
использовать сокращения
cut, cut down, curtail, skimp, truncate, abbreviate
shorten (a word, phrase, or text).
the business of artists and repertory, commonly abbreviated to A&R
Such an establishment was called a café concert or café conc’ (be careful not to abbreviate it further).
Europeans abbreviate dates in reverse, and doing it wrong could invalidate your card.
I wish subtitles didn't have to abbreviate the dialogue though.
In order to save typing, many people will abbreviate common words and phrases.
When I'm composing my reviews, I often abbreviate the movie title, then use Microsoft Word's replace function to fill in the title in its entirety.
Here we greatly abbreviate our summary of the book to focus on its limitations.
Due to the large numbers of those indicted, the court clerks eventually tired of writing the charge in full and began to abbreviate it.
The following are some abbreviated notes of mine from this tasting.
The foregoing is a very abbreviated version of Wittgenstein's argument in Philosophical Investigations.
I should probably explain that that's how Krista abbreviates her full name, which is Kristine.