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abbey / аббатство, монастырь
имя существительное
abbey, abbacy, abbotship
monastery, convent, cloister, priory, abbey, house
имя существительное
the building or buildings occupied by a community of monks or nuns.
Friaries were occupied by friars, abbeys were headed by abbots, priories by priors.
He has attended several retreats at the abbey , run by the Catholic order of Benedictine monks.
He gained greater freedom in 1867 when the monastery was made an abbey and he was appointed abbot as well as a local bishop.
Aelred, a friend and follower of St. Bernard, defined holy friendship for the monks of his abbey .
On one of our last days we found ourselves in a church we'd never heard of, the abbey of Mozac near Clermont-Ferrand.
The annual service is held at a different abbey or cathedral in the UK every year.
The abbey church still stands and is the burial place of Robert the Bruce.
The abbey was founded in 1132 and monks lived in it for 400 years until Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries.
A few years after, and probably in response to, the foundation of the abbey , this church became an Augustinian priory.
He pointed to the space between the two towers of the abbey church.
There is no finer example of the medieval reuse of Roman spolia than in the abbey church at Hexham in Northumberland.