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abbess / аббатиса, настоятельница монастыря
имя существительное
настоятельница монастыря
имя существительное
a woman who is the head of an abbey of nuns.
Abbots, abbesses and bishops were buried with their croziers, the pastoral staffs symbolic of their office.
Then the abbess of the convent presents Antipholus of Syracuse, also claiming redress.
She arrived at the doors of the convent while the abbess was praying in front of the church's crucifix.
And when it came to details, he was known to be worse than a fussy abbess running a nunnery.
We were on the topic of religious freedom when the abbess went to get our guest some more coffee.
She was an orthodox theologian, a reformer, a builder, a dramatist, a musician, an herbalist, and an abbess .
It was heavily funded by Otto I, who gave the abbess of the monastery much power and privilege.
These animals may have been brought by foreign dignitaries who came to pay their respects to Edith and her mother (the abbess of Wilton and a former queen).
One example of this is in his sermon on St. Hilda, the seventh-century abbess who ruled over a double monastery of men and women at Whitby.
He maintained a correspondence with Marie's youngest daughter, an orthodox abbess named Mother Alexandra.
The abbess withheld much from me concerning the fate of my parents.