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abb / уток, основа ткани
имя существительное
weft, woof, filling, abb
основа ткани
warp, abb
Educated by a Jansenist-leaning abbé , Tocqueville did not lose his faith lightly.
It is possible to detect the influence of Jansenism through the presence of two leading draftsmen of the Civil Constitution, abbés Grégoire and Camus.
The sly abbé from Périgord takes Candide to the theatre.
Chapter two follows with an analysis of the economic resources of ‘Dalmatia’ through the work of the abbé Alberto Fortis.
The French abbé de Saint Pierre went even further, noting that the power of states simply fluctuated too much for such an idea to be feasible.
Jean Picard, who also was an abbé , held Mouton in high esteem and always visited him when in Lyons.
In France their leader was the abbé Jules Lemire, who was elected to parliament from a Flemish constituency in 1893.
In his revolutionary pamphlet of 1788, the abbé Sieyès lamented the great respect granted this parasitic existence.
We also would like to thank l' abbé René Chartier, Soeur Rioux and Soeur Forest for all their support and prayers.
He attended the Jesuit College in Amiens, studying under the abbé Jacques Delille who was a poet and classicist.