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abattoir / скотобойня
имя существительное
slaughterhouse, butchery, abattoir, stockyard
имя существительное
a slaughterhouse.
Once in southern Europe, many animals are slaughtered in abattoirs using methods which are illegal in Britain.
The sale of meat from an animal not slaughtered in an abattoir is also illegal.
The bank has also helped set up a community-owned butcher in the town, sustain a local abattoir and buy a dolphin-watch boat.
The 29-month-old animal was slaughtered in an abattoir in Wales last November and put into the food chain.
The pigs are raised locally, slaughtered in a local abattoir and processed locally.
This led the company to convert a part of the abattoir to slaughter small stock.
It was reported earlier that the abattoir will start slaughtering in November.
The company wants to build a packing facility for the meat from pigs slaughtered at its abattoir in the village.
Both pathogens can colonise the intestines of beef cattle and get into the food chain during slaughter at the abattoir .
At present the abattoir is slaughtering animals for the domestic market.
However, in my opinion, animals that are slaughtered in abattoirs can suffer just as much as foxes that are hunted.