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abash / смущать, конфузить, приводить в замешательство
embarrass, confuse, disturb, perplex, disconcert, abash
embarrass, disconcert, abash
приводить в замешательство
confuse, embarrass, bowl over, discomfit, affront, abash
cause to feel embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed.
she was not abashed at being caught
Instead, he fled the country until, abashed by a public outcry and newspaper appeals to find him, he contacted his family and his father fetched him home.
The punky couple gave me a disdainful look, and I could only slink out abashed .
He didn't seem the least abashed that water was running down his chin and onto his clothes and that the people who were passing by were giving him weird looks.
My eyes met hers briefly, and I looked away, abashed at being caught gazing.
‘I just know I forgot to turn the water off,’ she whispered, abashed .
Katherine was slightly abashed at his forwardness and lingered outside of the house, not really wanting to go in.
I did not know what to say, for I was abashed by the thought.
Clearing his throat, the man sent her a truly abashed expression.
He saw that she was not abashed and glared even more.
Alright, so most teenagers wouldn't admit to having such a geeky passion, but I wasn't abashed in the least.