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abase / унижать, понижать
humiliate, degrade, stoop, put down, demean, abase
drop, lower, downgrade, reduce, degrade, abase
behave in a way so as to belittle or degrade (someone).
I watched my colleagues abasing themselves before the board of trustees
Eleven million people took to the streets last weekend to show their solidarity in the face of terror, and two days later voted to abase themselves before it.
Perhaps what takes Hamlet so much time in the play is that a ritual of abasement needs to performed.
They find a secret delight in abasing themselves before men of violence.
The more politics abases itself before the values of TV entertainment, the less it represents the real political process.
And please let me, or any other liberal, know if there is anything else we can do to abase ourselves .
Welcome to the complete and total abasement of our Party.
I abased myself in such a way that it makes me cringe to even remember it.
But my brother abased himself intellectually the same way they all did.
It is not so much an abasement of self as an acknowledgment that one's own way may not be the only or even the best way.
It's an icky daddy-daughter comedy featuring character actors abasing themselves horribly for the money.