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abandoned / заброшенный, брошенный, покинутый
имя прилагательное
abandoned, neglected, deserted, desolate, forlorn, godforsaken
abandoned, slung, derelict, forsaken, outcast
abandoned, deserted, forsaken, derelict, lovelorn, desolate
имя прилагательное
having been deserted or cast off.
an abandoned car
unrestrained; uninhibited.
a wild, abandoned dance
The proposal for a refuge, while well-intentioned, is not the solution to the problem of unwanted, abandoned pet reptiles.
While eating dinner at a noodle stand, he encounters an abandoned baby boy.
More than 2,500 neglected, unwanted or abandoned exotic pets were seized by inspectors last year.
I had enough gin in me to play along in unabashed, abandoned delight.
Trinbagonians hit the streets at 1am for Jouvert, a small-hours celebration that sees the capital erupt with abandoned sensuality.
Anyone who finds an abandoned pet can call the RSPCA.
And who could be more helpless than a child - alone, abandoned , unbelieved - pursued in the dark by a murderer?
I'd like to propose a toast to unfettered, abandoned appetite.
I remember downing a great deal of vodka and dancing in a rather abandoned fashion.
Some are abandoned pets; others were born on the streets.