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abalone / морское ушко
имя существительное
морское ушко
abalone, sea ear
имя существительное
an edible mollusk of warm seas that has a shallow ear-shaped shell lined with mother-of-pearl and pierced with respiratory holes.
Brains of limpets and abalones are much simpler than brains of garden snails and slugs in histological differentiation.
The types of seafood they eat include mussels, scallops, clams, crabs, lobsters, abalone , and sea urchins.
Laurea reached out and her fingers brushed the smooth outline of the abalone shell on her father's chest.
‘An abalone can withstand assaults from a hungry sea otter pounding on its shell with a rock,’ he says.
The cautious abalone have to be taught to eat it but soon catch on.
For an appetizer, try the shredded abalone with apple and jellyfish.
However, the farms were started up only recently, and it takes about seven years for the abalone to reach a size where they may be harvested.
Local marine reserves offer tide pools full of starfish, crabs, mussels, abalone , and sea anemones.
They feed on small bony fishes, snails, worms, shrimps, clams, abalone , and crabs.
It can be found feeding on crabs, shrimps, clams, scallops, abalone and small fish.
An abalone farmer needs to know at what ammonia concentrations the abalone will die.