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a-ok / хорошо
имя прилагательное
in good order or condition; all right.
everything will be A-OK
in a good manner or way; all right.
we hit it off A-OK
We had over an inch of rain Monday night but we stuck to the trails that drain fast and things were A-OK .
But he does manage to work in the name ‘Wily Mo Pena,’ which is A-OK by us.
Global corporations and the mental pollution of advertising are A-OK when they help to sell his books.
Cheerleaders and crack drumlines would be A-OK with 99.4 percent of the halftime audience.
I got a clean bill of health from the doctors and everything is A-OK .
Then they put a pop beat behind it and everything's A-OK ?
Mortgages are bought and sold, debt is traded and passed down the line, the ‘carry trade’ keeps racking up profits and the numbers continue being shuffled to demonstrate that everything is A-OK .
‘On the surface everything is A-OK ,’ says Marshall Wittman, a conservative analyst at the Hudson Institute.
The pastor of the church we serve at is A-OK with it; he still supports me and can't see what the big deal is.
Which, to go full circle for a moment, is one of the reasons college hoops is doing A-OK .