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Sunday / воскресенье
имя существительное
Sunday, dominical day, Lord's day
имя прилагательное
Sunday, sabbatical, sabbatic, dominical
проводить воскресенье
имя существительное
the day of the week before Monday and following Saturday, observed by Christians as a day of rest and religious worship and (together with Saturday) forming part of the weekend.
they left town on Sunday
on Sunday.
the concert will be held Sunday
wait until Sunday
Monday to Sunday
he'll be there by Sunday
the Sunday before last
the concert will be held Sunday
Sunday evening
The open day on Sunday will give the public a rare chance to see inside the tower.
I'll see you on Sunday
She was knocked down by a car on a pelican crossing as she tried to cross the road on a Sunday evening after a meal at a pub.
today is Sunday