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Mrs / миссис, госпожа, хозяйка дома
Mrs., ma'am
хозяйка дома
имя существительное
a title used before a surname or full name to address or refer to a married woman, or a woman who has been married, without a higher or honorific or professional title.
Mrs. Sally Jones
Alora was being picked up from the airport at nine-thirty by a Mrs Harrow, after watching Jessie's plane fly away.
Mrs Sally Jones
A century later, the Hull Ladies' Musical Union, founded at the home of a Mrs Dover of Hinderwell Street in the city, is still going strong.
‘The latest letter I got was from a Mrs Mungalsingh who complained about two radio stations,’ Prince recalled.
The only thing left was to ask Nick to buy an extra return ticket for the ferry Tuesday afternoon in the name of a Mrs S. Owen, but pay cash for this one.
In 1841, a Mrs Harriet Hatt noticed a strangely dressed man enter a shop.
We're now staying at a B & B run by a Mrs Peg Bogle, who remembers you.
In 1977 the then president of the Panacea Society, a Mrs Cuthbertson, produced a list of 15 conditions for opening the box.
Although he never married, his long relationship with a Mrs Louisa Barrow produced four children, all of whom bore his name.
The building was leased to a Mrs Park in 1960 and then was made into residential dwellings - a house and a cottage.