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May / может
вспомогательный глагол
can, may
be able to, can, may
иметь возможность
can, may, afford
быть вероятным
имя существительное
virgin, maiden, maid, may
имя существительное
the hawthorn or its blossom.
expressing possibility.
that may be true
expressing permission.
you may use a sling if you wish
expressing a wish or hope.
may she rest in peace
имя существительное
the fifth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the last month of spring.
the new model makes its showroom debut in May
'May I have some more?' 'You may, indeed.'
may she rest in peace
For the moment it will have to be a honeymoon in hospital, but nurses hope that Linda may be able to go home.
If parents were to think about it, they may find it is their own identity they are protecting.
where may I purchase a cap?
This time she will stay in north Derbyshire in the hope she may make contact.
you may have noticed that I got a new car
whatever you may think
whoever he may be
don't touch it, it may be dangerous