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August / августовский, августейший, величественный
имя прилагательное
majestic, magnificent, stately, grand, sublime, august
имя прилагательное
respected and impressive.
she was in august company
имя существительное
the eighth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the last month of summer.
the sultry haze of late August
It's a great show and demonstrates why the photographer is now a member of that august body Magnum Photos.
I suspect that the good Rabbie, who also enjoyed partaking of strong alcohol, would have been in his element surrounded by such an august body of men.
Perhaps you mean that we need the moral imprimatur of this august and esteemed body.
This august body has been set up to help promote independent Glasgow restaurants and the culinary delights to be discovered therein.
At first, in honor of the august occasion, he felt obliged to sound stuffy and learned.
The Jockey Club is the august racing body that presides over equine nomenclature.
There's no escaping it, not even in the august galleries of the Museum of Modern Art.
Here is her contribution, as delicately phrased as one might expect in such an august literary journal.
The ballroom of the Residency was packed with an august audience who were there to witness the honour for the trio.
They are regarded as less stuffy than the august Royal Scottish Academy, and pride themselves on encouraging new art.